The Game

I have not ever played computer or pc games a lot, but there was a game I walked through more than eighty times. This is the American McGee’s Alice and its sequel.

This game have been old already when I started to play it, but it was exciting; its design, soundtrack and creepy characters have charmed me. That was MY game, that’s so!

I found a group in social net devoted to this game, joined it and looked for the fan art. I suddenly had a thought ‘I want to do it too'

That group have had drawing competitions those times and I started to take part. I like competitions, that’s interesting stuff, especially art competitions. When they are based on your favourite game, you have ideas get out of your very ears.

I have some of these old competition artworks. They are not well made and some of them should better be burned. But they have good ideas and I love them some way.